There are 3 hidden traits
most Blockbuster IPOs
share in common…

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Here’s how…

 I would like to cordially invite you to join an elite class of investors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs who make up the top 1% of the wealthiest individuals in the country.

A group so exclusive I can only describe them as a modern day Freemasons Guild of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin fame.

With secrets so profound they’ve transformed garbage men, painters, schoolteachers and police officers alike into multi-millionaires – sometimes in just a matter of hours.

And it’s starting to generate a lot of attention.

According to BusinessWeek Magazine: “The IPO market is off to its strongest start in six years, with a range of new offerings that have created buzz and rewarded investors”. says “The IPO market could be set to sizzle in the next few months…”

The Wall Street Journal chimes in almost daily on the subject – most recently saying “ It seems a good time to go public: After a cool period earlier this decade, demand for new issues has risen during the three-year bull market that kicked into high gear

Then there’s Barron’s, Time, and an army of on-line media that have been following the success of these IPO’s like a hawk.

IPO’s like:

  • MarketWatch… which soared 505% in the first day!
  • Chipotle… up 127% in just 4 days!
  •… climbed 378% in less than a week!
  • VA Linux… exploded out of the gate – returning 698% in day 1!

Do I have your attention now?

Good, because what I’m about to reveal has the power to transform your wealth – and your life – more than anything else I’ve ever uncovered in my years of market research.

But I should warn you now… although my system is simple, easy and fast, it does require immediate action on your part. So if you’re uncomfortable moving quickly or checking email regularly this may not be for you.

But if you’re the kind of investor I think you could be then…

Grab a cigar – you’re about to
enter a smoke filled room.

 As a serious investor I’m sure you’re aware of the raw power of IPO’s. You may have even been offered a small stake in one in the past.

But what I’m about to share with you will change the way you think – and hopefully how you invest in them – forever.

Now, in case you’re not aware, IPO stands for initial public offering.

The opportunity for wealthy investors, bankers, and institutions (that club I was telling you about) to take a stake in a private company before it comes public – at a price that should be below market price.

An opportunity lost on the average investor.

And for good reason (are you ready with that cigar?)

You see, bringing a company public is a very risky, time consuming and expensive endeavor.

First you need to find the right company – which usually requires intense scouting (much like how scouting works for professional sports)

… then once you’ve found what you believe is the next big thing, you have to sell it to one of the major Wall Street firms (good luck...)

Then a team of Ivy League lawyers will get to work on “papering the deal”. Setting up the share structure… number of warrants issued…. amount of shares in the float… how long certain equities will be restricted… and so on.

That’s when the real work begins.

Once the deal is inked it’s time to create a buzz in the market. That means setting up a syndicate of brokers, traders, writers, bloggers… you name it.

All told, there are hundreds of highly paid professionals working closely together on the same team. A team working mostly for stock. Stock in a company they believe has a very real chance of locking up their retirement, college funds, first and second homes and - if they’re lucky – their leer jet.

So it’s no wonder with all that hard work they don’t want YOU or anyone else in on the action.

But there’s a backdoor in!

While it’s true under most circumstances that investors making the real money in IPOs are part of the deal – there’s a small segment of people who’ve made millions without ever being offered a stake in the private placement.

That’s why I’m writing you today. Through extensive research – and meticulously studying recurring traits in the most successful IPOs to hit the market over the last 3 years - I’ve unlocked the code… deciphered the secret… and boiled it down to three specific traits.

And you might be surprised to find out just how simple it really is.

But here’s the best part – you don’t ever have to actually buy into an IPO! And you don’t need an “in” with some high profile broker… a million dollar trading account… or closet full of pin-stripped suits to get going. Far from it.

In fact, investors all across the country are getting rich with what I’m about to share with you.

People like:

Scott W. who’s now worth a tidy $7.7 million… or Dave D. who enjoys the luxury of living anywhere in the world with his $15.6 million IPO fortune.

Then there’s Andrew B. worth about $20 million and Kevin P. sitting on a nice $12 million nest egg...

Just how powerful is this triumvirate?

Consider the following IPOs that have hit the market in the last 3 years – each of which exhibited ALL three traits I’ve uncovered:

  •… returning 89% in its opening day
  • Google… multiplying shareholder wealth 458% in just over a year… or
  • VeraSun Energy… popping more than 30% within the first few minutes of trading… And then there’s
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill… soaring an impressive 100% in the opening hours - doubling investors money.

Amazing profits to be sure. But what really made my jaw drop was what happens to IPOs when they exhibit less than all 3 traits.

IPOs like:

  • Brookdale Senior Living… up 68% in 6 months…
  • FortuNet… rounding up 74% in about 5 months…
  • CTC Media... notched up 25% in 3 weeks…
  • Volcano Corp… up 15% in a week

These winners had two out three. And I’m sure you’ll agree… that’s not bad. But, look what happens to IPOs that have just 1 or none of the 3 essential elements!

  • Vonage Holdings… down 43% less than 4 weeks
  • Alphatec Holdings… plummeted 125% in 15 days
  • Corel… fell 30% in two months time!
  • Town Sports Int’l Holdings… down 12.5% in 3 weeks from opening.

What NOT to look for in an IPO

 A doctors hypocritical oath states: DO NO HARM.

Well, that’s rule number one here at Trinity Investment Research – a rule I take seriously. And so before I tell you exactly what to look for (even if you choose not to join my exclusive new service…)

…I’m compelled to tell you the one thing you should steer very clear of.

Unless you’re a million dollar player, NEVER buy into an IPO offered to you from your broker.

Do you remember I mentioned that IPO investors – the one’s that really know what they’re doing – allow only essential players in on the action. The type of experts that can drive up the price of an IPO when it hits the open market?

Well, unless you fit that bill, why would any broker in his right mind offer you shares in a company that he’s convinced is going to shoot up 40%, 85%, 167% or more?

That’s right – he wouldn’t. Instead what he’s really doing is unloading shares (however the heck he paints it) of a dog because he knows it’s the only way he can make money off the deal.

Whether he knows it or not he’s attempting to sell you shares in a company that has NONE of these essential characteristics…

The 3 hidden traits of a Blockbuster IPO

Hi, my name is Tim Fields. I’m an investment analyst at Trinity Investment Research. One of the most respected publishers of financial information and analysis in the country.

I’ve spent enough time telling you how important these three characteristics are… and all about how the fat cats on Wall Street have mastered the formula.

But now I’d like to show you how they do it.

Number 1. Know Thy Underwriter

The underwriter of an IPO is the investment bank that’s willing to put its capital, risk, and reputation on the line to bring a company public. In essence they’re the mortgage banker of the deal. Providing the funds and exposure necessary.

Well, just like mortgage lenders there are different levels of underwriters. Some stick to the real conservative deals – the ones they think will deliver a good 10%- 20% return on investment.

There are the “junk writers” … those that don’t particularly care what happens to the company so long as they can exit their position once shares hit the open market (and happily before).

Then there are underwriters who execute these transactions with what I call a “golden pen”. These bankers take a highly vested interest in the development of the company from the very start.

They’ll fire management if necessary… bring in hired guns… challenge product development… manage the company’s cash flow. You get the idea.

The point is these bankers aren’t just in it for the big hit. They’re investing more than just money. They’re expecting more than just mediocre returns.

But the interesting thing about these underwriters (there are only a handful of this caliber) is they’re all public companies themselves.

The underwriter makes or breaks an IPO

 Admittedly I don’t know why private underwriters don’t take the time, effort or money needed to turn their deals into blockbusters.

Maybe it’s because the money comes fast and hard enough for them the way they’re doing things. Or maybe it’s because they don’t have shareholders to answer to.

Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: Unless you can get out of these IPOs immediately you’ll be stuck paying for their profits!

In fact, some of these underwriters are so bad I keep a list of them on my desk. If one of them pops up in reference to a company I’m researching I go no further. That stock goes straight into the trash can.

Sort through the used car salesman and you’ve unlocked secret #1.

Number 2. How confident are
the dealmakers really?
Here’s how to find out…

It’s not enough to simply find one of these “golden pens.” What you really need to know is how much of the deal they’re willing to keep for themselves.

"The IPO has become a major vehicle for a vast amount of wealth…” NYU economist Edward Wolff

Here’s what I mean…

What usually happens in the
underwriting process is the primary banker will put up their own capital to bring the company public. But for a number of reasons (mostly because it’s a $25 - $40 million process) they’ll seek to diversify their risk by lining up a syndicate of additional investors. (i.e. other bankers).

So they’ll call up another banker(s) and offer them a piece of the deal.

The other bankers are happy to take a small stake – mostly because they’ll call on the primary banker to return the favor with a deal of their own.

But here’s the key : The greater portion of the deal the underwriter “gives up” the less they believe the IPO will be a hit. The more of the deal they keep – the more convinced they are they’ve got a blockbuster.

That’s worth repeating – because it’s the most important element of all: The more of the deal the underwriter keeps – the more likely the IPO will be to take off out of the gate.

Now you see why you don’t want to buy shares in the pre-market. The ones worth buying aren’t for sale! That’s why we stake out our position and wait patiently for the good stuff to hit the market… then load up!

Find a golden pen that assumes most of the underwriting risk and you’ve nailed two of the essential elements to uncovering a Blockbuster IPO.

Number 3. Location, location, location

I’m sure you’re familiar with the investment philosophy – the trend is your friend. Well that’s exactly what we’re looking for to round out the third element behind a blockbuster IPO.

Though to be honest this is the easiest trait to spot (especially if you look for it last)…

You see, if you’ve found a “golden pen” underwriter – who’s retaining a majority of the deal (find one that’s keeping 60% or more and you’ve got a GRANDSLAM) then chances are you’ve found a company operating in a hot sector.

That’s because the top players in the IPO market intrinsically understand that for any company to really “pop” it’s got to be operating in an industry the average investor can wrap their hands and mind around.

These guys aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. Instead they position themselves perfectly to capitalize on whatever the trend may be (and grin from ear to ear all the while).

Line up all three and you can amass a
fortune in just hours!

 That’s exactly what happened to shareholders in VA Linux.Within just hours of the opening day shares went from $30 all the way to $320 leaving early investors FLUSH with cash.

In fact, had you put $5,000 into these shares the moment they hit the market you’d have had a brand new Cadillac Escalade paid off by lunch!

Or had you been clued into Chipotle when it first came public you’d have stood in amazement as shares skyrocketed just seconds after the opening bell and never looked back.

In just one day hundreds of average, everyday investors became millionaires!

Pity the impatient investor who flipped Cisco on its first day to pocket that 24% gain. By the end of 2000, this stock would return a mind-boggling 60,614% from its opening price, and 49,017% from its first-day close.” Forbes Magazine

Can you imagine going from delivering the mail one day to building an exotic tree house
behind your ocean front mansion
the next?

Well, that’s precisely the kind
of power you can harness when you find companies that combine all three traits.

And now that you know what to look for you can get started right away…

…but if you don’t have hours each day to the homework

…you’re not knee deep in the IPO industry day in and day out

…you don’t know the good underwriters from the bad

…and you don’t know the precise moment one of these money-machines is coming public… don’t worry.

I do.

And now you can sit back and relax while your portfolio grows faster and higher than ever before. And you don’t even have to think about it with…

The 123 Advisor

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Then simply alert your broker – or logon to an online account and put in a buy order for the moment the stock hits the market.

Then sit back and watch the fireworks!

Of course I’ll also be there to tell you when to exit and at what price. It couldn’t be any easier.

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The deals are being brokered… the
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Look, the fact is we’re in the midst of the hottest IPO market in decades. With hundreds of companies coming public this year there has never been a better opportunity to jump in.

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Years from now when lounging out on your latest nautical conquest you’ll look back and laugh to think just how simple it was.

Yours truly,

Tim Fields

Senior Analyst,
The 123 Advisor
Trinity Investment Research

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